Alli Cole – Class of 2015 – Gordon Lee

Where do I even start!?  Alli is just an all around amazing girl!  She is unbelievably gorgeous naturally so when you add my glam team, you get a drop dead gorgeous girl!  Pair that with her sweet spirit and you’ve got a girl you’d be lucky to call your friend.  Oh and talk about talent…Alli can rock a guitar!  I am extremely over joyed that Alli and her mom chose me to be her senior portrait photographer!  We have had so much fun since day one and a blast at her session…Even though the lake ate my flash diffuser, lol.  We even thought we were going to have to rescue a baby duck who lost his mommy!  But thankfully he found his family, hehe.  I wonder if those ducks found my diffuser? 🙂


What Alli had to say about her LDP Experience!
My experience with Lacey was absolutely amazing.  She went above and beyond all of my expectations. The hair and makeup was one of my favorite parts.  Lacey’s hair and makeup team did a wonderful job of making me look and feel beautiful.  They are all very professional and it was so much fun to get to know them!  When I first saw my previews I couldn’t believe that the girl in those pictures was me.  I was blown away with how perfect each of them were and I was super excited to see the rest of them!  When I got my previews, I automatically sent them to my friends and family and they absolutely loved them!  They were so amazed by them.  I’ve already recommended Lacey to all of my friends and classmates.  Lacey D Photography is the best of the best and completely worth every penny you spend!

What Alli’s mom, Staci, had to say about her LDP Experience!
The first time I saw Lacey’s work, I fell in love.  When my friend described her daughter’s photo shoot to me, I knew I wanted that experience for Alli.  Our experience was truly a day of awesome memories being made.  Lacey and her team of professionals came to Alli’s Nana’s house and the fun began.  I was in awe of my daughter’s transformation.  Seeing the careful color choices for makeup and time took for each curl, I knew these ladies had listened well to what Alli had imagined herself to look like.  We smiled the entire time and my constant thought was, I’m so happy we did this.  They enhanced our brown eyed girl so that she was glowing. Alli had a hard time choosing a place, but Lacey had a perfect recommendation for us.  I was very thankful for Lacey’s knowledge of nature’s beauty as well.  She could not have picked a better setting to fit Alli’s personality.  The scenery was breathtaking.  Alli felt comfortable in front of Lacey’s camera immediately.  It was easy to trust her posing Alli and telling her which expressions to make.  Lacey’s ideas were endless. When we arrived home that evening, we could not wait to see a preview of Alli’s shots and as Lacey had promised, she gave us a sneak peek.  Every time one was posted we’d flood with emotion.  We literally had happy tears and jumps of joy.  It was an awesome feeling that all moms and daughters should get to share.  I’m excited to recommend Lacey D Photography to parents of upcoming seniors.  The experience is absolutely worth the investment.  This “very proud mom moment” and milestone in Alli’s life is now unforgettable for her.

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