Class of 2014 – Stylized Shoot – Riley Hamill

During Riley’s senior portrait session, that we did over the summer last year, we joked about how much she looked like Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled.  So we started talking about how fun it would be to do a Rapunzel themed shoot…And a few months down the road, during my slow season, we finally made it happen!  I am soooo in love with these!  My hair and makeup team, Krystal and Angela, are complete geniuses!  They did an amazing job transforming Riley into a Disney princess!  And a big shout out to Southern Charm in Ringgold for providing the clothing, shoes and jewelry.  You guys seriously need to stop by their store and buy a ton of stuff!  Cause it’s all adorable!  And tell them Lacey sent ya!

One of my favorite things about this session was the response we got during the shoot.  Everyone was looking at Riley as we walked by.  We even had 2 little girls come up and want to know who she was and if she was famous!  The manager of the venue even thought she might be famous!  We joked and told him we were shooting for Seventeen Magazine, hehe.  Love that Riley got to feel like a celebrity and that I could make that happen for her!

If you love these photos of Riley and would love to do something just as amazing and fun for your senior portraits then you better get to my contact page and send me an email…I have this amazing session option, the Editorial Session, that allows you 2 hair and makeup looks.  That means you can get your normal LDP fierce portraits and you can then switch it up with a fun concept or theme!  So after you finish up falling in love with Riley’s photos, click the contact link.  You know you’re just itching to have your senior portraits done by me. 🙂