Class of 2015 – LDP Senior Models – Stylized Shoot

Sooooo happy to finally release these photos for everyone to see!  I know you guys have been holding your breath so feel free to let out a big sigh of relief cause HERE THEY ARE!!!

It’s time to officially meet some of my LDP Senior Models!  Let’s start with Alli.  Alli is representing Gordon Lee for Class of 2015!  She’s the one you’ll mistake for Blair Waldrof.  It’s almost crazy how much she looks like the queen B from Gossip Girl.  Which of course as a HUGE GG fan, I love!  And while we are on Gordon Lee, I’ll introduce Cassi AKA Blondey.  Also from GL, class of 2015.  Cassi is actually a honorary LDP model.  She stepped in for Lauren…who you guys won’t get to meet for another couple of weeks.  Then there’s Allisa, a familiar face.  Allisa is repping for Boyd-Buchanan!  She was my model for my nerd shoot a little while ago.

Let’s talk a bit about this shoot.  I’m doing things a little differently this year with my models and having them participate in 2 separate shoots.  A group shoot and then their individual senior portrait sessions.  So I divided them up and picked themes for their shoots.  And this one is Boho Chic!  I went all out and rented an awesome VW bus for the girls to pose with and I couldn’t be more pleased with the way they turned out!  I’ve almost convinced myself to buy a VW bus for myself.  Almost.  Oh and of course, Southern Charm provided the awesome clothes and jewelry for this shoot.

Just a fair warning, there’s A LOT of photos in this slideshow…and they are all totally worth looking at.  So take a minute to fall in love with them.  Then email me.  Cause you know you’re going to want to book your senior portraits with me after that! lol.  Just use the contact page!