Gabby Evans – LFO – Class of 2015

Every once in a while you get one of those seniors that’s makes your photography dreams come true, hehe, and Gabby is one of them!  We were talking about where we were going to do her photos and she mentioned doing them by water somewhere since she practically lives in the pool in the summer.  So I suggested doing some fun pool photos and Gabby was game!  I was so excited to finally get to do pool photos so before I even met Gabby, I knew we were going to be soulmates, lol.

Don’t forget to check out Gabby’s Highlight Video too!

What Gabby had to say about her LDP Experience!
My hair and make up experience was great. I love how when I would say “whatever they thought was best” they would be like “no what do you really want”. They did an incredible job and I can’t thank them enough. When I first saw my previews I was in awe. I couldn’t believe it was me. My friends and family were absolutely in love with my pictures. They were all saying that maybe modeling is my calling. I absolutely loved my gift bag full of awesome goodies, I think the t-shirt was my favorite because I’m a t-shirt kind of gal and it was to die for. I will absolutely recommend Lacey D to others who need to get their senior portraits. She is wonderful to work with and so down to earth. I loved my experience with her.

What Stephanie, Gabby’s mom, had to say about her LDP Experience!
I loved every part of my experience with Lacey. She was able to find Gabby’s true sassiness. Everything seemed so personal and easy. It was truly amazing to see how everyday locations transposed into beautiful backdrops. I was so pleased that both hair and makeup girls were so down to earth and committed to making sure she had the perfect look. When I saw the previews I was speechless. I didn’t think the picture of Gabby floating in the pool was her at first glance. I had to do a double take. The picture looked like it was taken straight from a magazine ad. Everyone that they were so beautiful and can’t wait to see the rest. My experience with Lacey was worth the investment and I will recommend Lacey D Photography to others who need to get their senior portraits done.