Heritage High – Class of 2015 – Kendall Washburn

For starters, I truly believe Kendall is my soul mate.  Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about why, lol.

I’ve been wanting to up my game when it comes to your senior portrait experience and so I texted Kendall for a fun test shoot.  She’s one of my fabulous LDP Senior Models for class of 2015.  When I told her I was looking for an edgier look, she got right on it and sent me many photos of different outfits she put together.  Needless to say, I was blown away with this girl’s awesomeness.

So we got together a week or so ago and created what have now become my new favorite portraits yet!  Kendall, like myself, is also an America’s Next Top Model addict and let me tell you, she can work it!  I’m almost certain I could hear Tyra applauding Kendall’s smize!  After we got kicked out of one parking garage (I was unaware you needed permission to be there, or else I would have asked previously) we ventured to a little graffiti filled area, where there might or might not have been a crazy person talking to himself.  I will let you decide whether or not that really happened 😉  No worries though, Kendall’s amazing mom was there the whole time.  We were perfectly safe!  Once we finished up with that location, we rushed back to the car since we were running low on meter time and sure enough someone was there writing us a ticket.  That’s when Kendall’s mom became my other soul mate.  We all might have had a couple of choice words to say, no not to our ticket writer’s face of course, but still equally as humorous.  And no worries, our words weren’t that bad ; )

To finish off our fun session, we went to a parking garage that I know we were allowed to be at and got the most beautiful sunset ever!  I was soooo happy to get lucky with the most vivid colors!  It went from blue, to yellow, orange, pink and purple!  Ah it was perfection!  And Kendall made these photos over the top with her gorgeousness!  Check them out!  I know you’re dying to see them!