LDP Galleria Couture

If you didn’t make it to the LDP Galleria Couture event last night, you missed out!  Everyone was dressed to impress, the food was fabulous and the photobooth was a hit!  But most importantly, my LDP 2016 models looked amazing in their images that were on display!  If you were there, you would have already gotten to see them.  However if you didn’t make it, you’ll have to wait a little longer to see them!

The most amazing thing about last night is that you guy raised $1,453 for 1N3!  That is soooo awesome!  I am so proud of my models!  Be sure to check ou 1N3’s website to see what they are all about!

And let’s give a HUGE shout out to Boutique Couture for lending us the dresses for our photo shoots!  If you haven’t gotten your prom dress yet, you need to get your butt on over there and check them out!  Here’s a link to their website with their info.

And of course, my GLAM team (Krystal and Angela) totally went above and beyond with hair and makeup!  Huge props to them!

So for now, enjoy this behind the scenes video from our photo shoot!

Screenshot 2015-02-24 02.40.08