Madison McClendon – GPS – Class of 2016

Oh I just loved hanging out with Madison and her mom for the evening taking photos!  The two of them were just so much fun from the very beginning.  Madison had a few very different looks for her outfits which is something that I adore.  It’s like we get to play a different part each outfit change!  And I’m pretty sure if Emma Stone ever needs a stand in, that Madison would fit the part perfectly!

And yes Madison, I still hear “Jelly Nerd” every time that song comes on the radio! lol

What Madison had to say about her LDP Experience!
“My overall experience with Lacey was amazing! I don’t mean to use such a broad word but it is the truth! Lacey will do whatever you want her to do if it is what you want for your pictures. I made the poor girl get in a creek and she almost fell a few times and also her shoes ripped! Not to mention it was super hot outside and we got bit by bugs!! I didn’t feel awkward taking pictures, she made it really easy… even when there was a family literally sitting 5 feet from me watching me take pictures in a creek. Overall it was a really fun day lol. Lacey also knows what she is doing, she knows what looks best (and I would know because my mom has pinned all sorts of posing tips on Pinterest) Overall, working with Lacey is a blast!

I really liked the ladies doing my hair and makeup. They were nice and they did my hair and makeup at the same time which is something I’ve never had done before and I thought it was cool! I always do my own makeup for everything and I hardly ever do my hair because it is naturally curly. Getting my hair and makeup done was fun because I didn’t have to worry much if the eyeliner wings weren’t exact or if I wasn’t wearing enough blush. I’ve never had airbrush makeup either and I definitely loved that! I didn’t look in the mirror until she was finished with my makeup and I was shocked, I don’t think I’ve ever been that surprised in my life! I didn’t even recognize myself! But I realized it was because I hadn’t been looking in the mirror as she was doing my makeup I only looked after she had finished! I looked like a barbie doll and it was awesome!

There isn’t one photo I didn’t like. The lighting – perfection. The poses – perfection. The hair and makeup – perfection. I have never been so in love with pictures before!!! I still can’t pick my favorite because I love them all! The feel that my photos have is exactly what I wanted. I have city-ish/dressy, cute/casual, boho, and country. I love it!

Honestly, I thought my video was going to be the most awkward thing ever! I got more comfortable with it midway through and it was easy because Lacey told me what to do. Still it’s just awkward laughing when nothing is funny so you just kinda have to make a stupid laugh and then laugh about how awkward and weird the fake laugh sounded! I actually really liked my video, I think the background music is a really nice touch and my mom loved it of course.

Having Lacey help make the order was very helpful because we got to see all the different types of ways we could use the pictures and we got to see samples which I loved! I like having everything laid out and being able to pick from all the choices we had. We also got to hold the different canvases and things up to where we would mount them which was extremely helpful. I don’t think we could have made a decision without Lacey and all of her products there!

Other people should have Lacey do their photos because there is literally nothing like it. I don’t think I could be happier with the way my pictures turned out. They really show the best of me and I just love them. There is a great variety and Lacey is really good at using different poses and NO TWO GIRL’S PICTURES LOOK ALIKE. That is a huge thing for me. If my pictures were taken in the exact same places as everyone else’s I feel like I wouldn’t be special, I would just look like everyone else!! Lacey’s pictures are really unique and the first thing I told my mom when I found Lacey on instagram was that all the girls look different. They aren’t just going through 10 different poses and 5 different places that everyone else does. The pictures are really designed for YOU.”

What Tanya, Madison’s mom had to say about her LDP Experience!
“Lacey is very down to earth and pleasant to be around. She is one of those people who you feel like you have known forever even when you first meet her. I was stressing out about poses and outfits and repinning like a mad woman on pinterest, but the actual picture taking was effortless for me. I didn’t have to worry about anything!

To start off, we were so excited to see the photos! I couldn’t wait to see how they had turned out. I was really proud of Madison, I thought the way Lacey had her posing looked fabulous and I thought Madison did a great job imitating what Lacey said to do. The variety of the poses were awesome! I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I have been photographing Madison her whole life but these were on a whole new level!

I loved the video! It’s sweet, and kind of like the icing on the cake! It looked very natural which I was happy about.

Although we didn’t do much for my style consultation, Madison’s on the other hand went very well lol. I really liked the fact that Lacey meets with you at Southern Charm. This ensures that you have fashionable clothes and jewelry to make the girl look her best!

It was really hard to pick from the pictures because they all were so good. I loved all the products Lacey brought and that helped in our decision making. When we couldn’t agree on something as a family, her input really helped.

Yes, the experience was worth the investment. Sometimes it’s really true that you get what you pay for. Her coming to our house and taking the pictures where we suggested was awesome. It helped make them more unique and different than anyone else’s. She knew what to do each time we went to an new location and obviously the pictures turned out fantastic!!!”

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