Rachel McClure – Class of 2015 – Heritage High

Can I just start by saying how much I adore Rachel!  She’s so sweet, silly and stunning!  Triple S, lol. I’m thrilled to have her as one of my LDP Models!  Seriously, how did I end up with the best girls out there!

We set out to one of my favorite locations and Rachel just nailed every shot!  I think she might have practiced! hehe.  Check out her photos!  She had quite an amazing idea to finish up her shoot and I think you’ll want to see it!

What Rachel had to say about her LDP Experience!
My overall Lacey D experience was FANTASTIC! Starting with hair and makeup, the makeup artist and hair stylist came to my place and performed magic! They knew exactly what I wanted done and I looked beautiful! My previews were posted on every social network and were loved by everyone including me! It made me want to see more. My friends were texting me non-stop complimenting the pictures and engaging conversations about the experience because they were intrigued! I will be recommending Lacey D to anyone looking for best Chattanooga photographer and the best senior picture experience they can get!

What Laura, Rachel’s mom, had to say about her LDP Experience!
Just wanted to say it was great getting to know you and watching the photo shot with you and Rachel. You did an awesome job on the photos and the choice of location for the shot. It was fun watching the different shots and especially watching Rachel changing in the car!  Everything you did was very professional and I was pleased with her hair and makeup as it didn’t make her look too old or to “out in left field” as some shots I’ve seen. You are very good at putting together a package that works for both mother and daughter! I feel I really got my money’s worth with all the photo’s we have to choose from and an extra bonus with the beautiful videos. I would highly recommend your work to anyone and everyone! You are a true photographer and professional!